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Asics, a leading sports brand, has criticised AI platforms for generating images depicting unrealistic body images, including people with no body fat and 12-pack abs. The company says such images don't reflect the true benefit of exercise - the mental health uplift - and instead focus on extreme physical transformations.

In response, Asics has launched an AI training program, aiming to alter perceptions of what constitutes healthy exercise. The program will feature real people exercising for enjoyment, not aesthetic appeal.

Gary Raucher of ASICS EMEA stated that when they discovered these unrealistic AI-generated images were discouraging people from exercising, they felt obliged to act. Research by ASICS revealed 72% of people believe the images present an unrealistic body type that could lead to body anxiety.

The study found that emotional responses to these images were predominantly negative, leading to feelings of being unfit, inferior, unattractive, and less motivated to exercise.

Users can contribute to the AI Training by sharing their exercise images on social media, using #TrainingAI and tagging @ASICS. AI expert Omar Karim emphasises the importance of teaching AI to accurately represent the world and people, likening the situation to automatic airbrushing without human judgement.

The initiative is backed by Hayley Jarvis, head of physical activity at Mind, who says physical activity is an excellent way to boost mental health and self-esteem, and aims to challenge unrealistic body shape goals.

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