Omar Karim 

AI Creative Director, Film Director and Image Maker, Keynote Speaker

MA - Iconoclast
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BOR Berlin - AR Filters

AR is the way that we will experience an ‘everday metaverse’, with contextual, augmented information, layered on top of the real world. 

🖖️ AR and AR Filters are the most accessible way into the metaverse, so building for this space is vital for any brand, creator or client. 

🧠️ AR’s immediacy means that different platforms have different audience needs and that is reflected in their build tool. Both Spark and Effect House are brilliant tools, what is important is the story, value and experience you craft. 

🔮️ Craft in AR is limited by platform and range of handsets. The reason why anyone wants to try your filter has to be compelling and amplifying to the users’ narrative.

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BOR Berlin

Spark AR

A filter that transports you to the most important toilets in electronic music, at Hor Berlin. Through out the pandemic, the brilliant live streams kept the techno scene alive and allowed artist to intimately connect with new and old fans.

The filter has been used by numerous famous DJs, promoters and most importantly, the fans of techno music, around the world.

Mirror Jacket

TikTok Effect House

Digital fashion is fashion that is only visible through generated means. It is also pivotal cultural bridge into metaverse. Fashion has always been at the forefront of creative technology and innovation, not only in the story of garments but the story that surrounds them. 

This is a filter that is available on TikTok, instantly by billions, that want to try on a look, make a video and npt have to think about a ‘virtual wardrobe’, or ‘digital maintance’

AR gives digtal fashion virtually 100% sustainability goals. and allows for never before seen fabrics and materials, that go far beyond the digital replicas of fashion achievable in the real world.

Hackney, London.