Omar Karim 

AI Creative Director, Film Director and Image Maker, Keynote Speaker

MA - Iconoclast
SWE - Tinker Tailor




🧠️♣️ 97% AI Creative Studio

🖖️ The team at JOY MACHINE consists of over 13 AIs and one human. Working together the team tested a range of hypothetical creative briefs through a proprietary
creative process that enables brands and creators to access world-class, award winning content without the hassle and time constraints.

🛍️ 8 projects have been created in order to test various segments of the creative and marketing process on brands with specific business goals.

🧿️ To find out more please visit JoyMachine.AI

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Gucci x Pringles

🔌️ The first ‘Impossible Collaboration’ fusing luxury with everyday snacks, a collaboration was envisaged between Gucci & Pringles.

💊️ The public drop of the Pringles and Gucci collaboration tubes will be limited to 1000 globally. The glass tubes will come in unique colours and are hand-blown in Italy.

💡️ The new, yet-to-be-confirmed flavour is said to be the culmination of 12 years of research and the favourite of many celebrities.

🎲️ The collaboration comes with a special capsule collection inspired by both brands.

STEM Clothing

🍺️ At Stem, we believe that if you put the miles in, you should reap the rewards. That's why our cycling clothing is only available to cyclists that have proven their pace and endurance.

🐜️ Our handmade pieces are unique and only available to those who have earned them. Connect your Strava and see which jerseys and bibs are available for you to shop. Prove your pace and put in the work, and unlock that Seasons kit - a season being three-month periods across the year.

🔥️ Rarer pieces are unlocked with harder challenges and achievements. Unlock pieces only available in geographical locations around the world and get within certain timeframes to unlock colourways, accessories and off-bike merchandise to reward yourself.

Foam Mattress Co.

🌏️ FOAM is a D2C Mattress company, built on new technology to ensure deep sleep, all night long.

💥️ In a saturated D2C market, FOAM wanted to differentiate itself from the legacy brands in that space, which tend to focus on technical features.

🌙️  The solution - Celebrate and Support Sleep across all media channels

✨️ We built a base layer of ever-green content that added to the conversation around sleep & dreams. The strategy brought short-form and long-form together to entertain and educate our audience, with no-cost content about Sleeping that, they can incorporate into their lives. And using that love to target customers lower in the funnel.

🦆️ This was then supplemented with creative content to connect FOAM with the pleasure of dreaming, enabling the brand to own and explore dreams and bring the dreamscape closer to people as they experience the brand.

A selection of short form content
across the funnel

Nike & McD’s

🚀️ An experiment to find the commercial and creative potential of newly released AIs that can generate images.

🌹️ Nike and Mcdonald's both have iconic visual branding, so when I tasked an AI to imagine an impossible collaboration between them, i had high expectations

🌵️ The AI's output surpassed them with flying colours and has been able to incorporate textural nuances and language in a unique way.

Hazordous Tours

🦕️ Hazardous Tours is a remote control robotic tour company that lets you visit some of the most dangerous and remote spaces in the world, from the comfort of your Meta Quest or other VR device.

🧐️ Using robotics, virtual reality, and streaming technology, we provide an immersive and accessible experience that is sustainable and eco-friendly. Our tours are carefully designed to give you a taste of the thrill of exploration, without putting you in any actual danger.

🧠️ And with our augmented reality options, you can explore even more! Whether you're looking for an adventure or just want to learn more about the world around you, Hazardous Tours is the perfect choice for your next vacation.

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