Omar Karim 

AI Creative Director, Film Director and Image Maker, Keynote Speaker

MA - Iconoclast
SWE - Tinker Tailor


Gourmet Gourmet

A cookbook written by an AI. 

This isn’t just a series of prompts punched into chatGPT, this is an AI trying to find new and novel combinations of fat, salt, ummami and acid. Only, an AI doesn’t have a tongue.

GOURMET GOURMET is a cookbook that coverse starters, mains, desserts and cocktails with each recipe pushing the flavour envelope beyond what human tastebuds are capable of conceiving or enjoying. The recipes where then loveingly crafted into images, a first step in combining AI to achieve creative goals, and then made into a physical newspapaer, ready to add to any gourmet kitchen.

This was also a use of ALAN, my AI assistant. 

Printed 20 edition
Digital Print
Designer - Emily Williams
London, 2023

Hackney, London.