Omar Karim 

AI Creative Director, Image Maker & Speaker
Brand Strategist & Technologist

MA - Iconoclast
SWE - Tinker Tailor


Graffiti Scans

🖖️ Graffiti and Street Art are a transitory art form, preserving them in 3D .  LiDar sensors on iPhones allow for 3D photography of artworks, allowing the viewer to see the artworks in their actual environment. Once captured, each artwork can be viewed from impossible perspectives and be viewed in VR, AR and used in any virtual production.

🧠️ The scans so far have been captured across many sites in London, with occasional artworks from other cities. As Graffiti has always been seen in 2D, here we can see the work as though we are standing in front of it. This new way of experiencing artwork is best seen in the metaverse. At 1k followers there is a planned magazine, a VR/Metaverse space at 5k.

💎️ What can deeply immersive culture-first experiences bring for institutions, brands and customers in the metaverse? The goal for this project is to explore visual and cultural storytelling in the metaverse.There are endless new opportunities to create content that resonates in IRL and URL and this project is a successful test of creative uses of technology, to create community and culture.

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Hackney, London.