Omar Karim 

AI Creative Director, Film Director and Image Maker, Keynote Speaker

MA - Iconoclast
SWE - Tinker Tailor



Over the last year I’ve shared more of my AI focused creative work, explorations and learning on stage at various instituation and podcasts globally. My primary focus is on AI as a limitless source of creation. This is through real world work and research and development across generative AI and creative technology. I share my experience as a creative navigating the changing workplace and landscape of AI. 

I’ve began focusing on the idea of AI as additional intellgice and what happens when we understand that there is more than one type of intelligence and showing this through a wide range of commerical and creative work.

Notable Speeches, Appearances and Keynotes

#Paid Empowering Expression for Creators, Toronto 2024
Created by Humans. Augmented by AI, AnalogFolk x Untold Fable, London 2024
Anomaly AI Week, London 2024
Bergs School of Advertising, Stockholm 2024
University of Leeds, Psycology Department, 2024
Beyond Luxury, Season 2, 2024
BODYSTACKED summit, London College of Fashion, 2024
Nike Brand Creative, London, 2024
Created by Human, Augmented by AI, Untold Fable x Analog Folk, 2024
HashtagPaid Creator Marketing Confrence, Toronto, 2024
Independent Doctors Federation, 2024
How To Train Your AI with Nick Knight CBE, 2023
The Future of Artifical Intelligence in Fashion, SHOWstudio, 2023
Generative AI for the Creative Industries, London 2023
Creative Ops, Future Photography, 2023
Iceland Chambers of Comerce Summit 2023

Abstract - Omar Karim, a vanguard in the fusion of artificial intelligence and creativity, will unveil the depths of his innovative journey in the transformative realm of AI-powered creativity. With a storied career that spans over a decade, Omar has carved a niche for himself as a creative director and explorer, working with illustrious brands such as Nike, Aries, BBC, and Prada, and redefining the contours of visual storytelling through his avant-garde campaigns.

The crux of Omar's recent exploration lies at the heart of generative AI, where he leverages his profound expertise in design and technology to orchestrate a symphony of traditional artistry and state-of-the-art AI tools. This fusion not only augments the creative process but also reimagines the boundaries of artistic expression, culminating in the creation of various AI-integrated projects including an AI mum, a standin for not having a real one and an AI physical camera—a marvel that "imagines" and materialises breathtaking visuals, challenging our conventional perceptions of art and creativity.

Omar's discourse is rooted in the notion that there is more that one kind of intelligence and if we see AI as additional intelligence, what does creativity & world look like when we utlise AI through the lens of emotional or creative or gut intelligence? Omar works with brands to explore the potential of AI in new forms of storytelling, because he believes in the transcendent ability of creative thinking and technology to creat human experiences that can and will further shape the experience of all of us on this planet (and beyond if GPT-6?!)

Navigate through his experimental journey, highlighting how AI can serve as a conduit for enhancing human creativity, fostering a new era of collaborative artistry between man and machine. His work stands as a testament to the potential of AI in elevating creative expression and offers insightful reflections on the psychological underpinnings of creativity and innovation. We’re going to look into the future of advertising, creativity and art, where new synergies between human ingenuity and artificial intelligence unveils new vistas of imaginative possibilities.

Hackney, London.